Vital Voices partners with ‘Below the Belt’ filmmakers, Executive Produced by Hillary Clinton, to host a special screening ahead of its PBS premiere


Award-winning director and producer Shannon Cohn has partnered with Vital Voices Global Partnership to host an advance screening of her film, Below the Belt at the Vital Voices Global Headquarters for Women’s Leadership ahead of its premiere on PBS on June 21 at 10pm/9C.

Watch the ‘Below the Belt’ Trailer on YouTube

Cohn collaborated on the film with Sec. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Rosario Dawson, Corinne Foxx, Mae Whitman, and the late Sen. Orrin Hatch, who serve as executive producers on the film for which People Magazine reported, ‘will save lives.’ Below the Belt depicts the grim reality of endometriosis, a severe gynecological illness that affects one in every nine women, yet is rarely discussed or supported. The film delves into the agonizing eight to 10 years it takes for most women to be diagnosed, as they are frequently disregarded, ridiculed, and disbelieved by the medical community.

The film will screen to a private audience at Vital Voices. The public is invited to view the film when it premieres June 21 on PBS at 10/9C. Check your local listings to confirm airtimes.

Written by the Comms Team at Vital Voices

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