22 Vital Voices Women Leaders Fighting Against Climate Change

Habiba Ali

@habibat11, @sosairen

Catalina Alvarez


Aida Bakri


Claire Bailey


Sarah El Battouty


Anne Butterly


Grace Foster-Reid

Twitter: @GraceFosterReid

Michelle Hong


Philippa Kelly


Leah Lizarondo


Lula Mena


Susana Muhamad


Andrea Nava


Mavis Nduchwa


Susanne Newton


Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim is an expert in the adaptation and mitigation of indigenous peoples to climate change. She is a member of the Mbororo pastoralist people in Chad and President of the Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad (AFPAT). In her role, she fights to bring indigenous voices, practices and experience into the global conversation around the climate crisis — elevating the innovative solutions indigenous peoples have created as the environment changes, and representing the stark impact climate change has on communities that depend on the environment. Hindou is an advocate for the greater inclusion of indigenous people and their knowledge and traditions in the global movement to fight the effects of climate change. Listen to Hindou discuss her passion for brining humanity into climate change dialogue on the Vital Voices podcast.

Maria Pacheco


Isha Patel


Alison Price


Claudia Renta Ortiz


Maria Clara Ruiz Zapata


Brianne West




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